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Material presented in the FAQs have been compiled, edited & reformatted to be as concise & accurate as possible. Some of this material actually isn't a Frequently Asked Question, but was interesting enough to be displayed here.


Z Stats: a listing of published specifications.
Appendix Z: a glossary of Z related terms.

Engine-Drivetrain, Troubleshooting/Maintenance:

Why does my Z hesitate sometimes?
Why does my Z hesitate at full throttle?
How do I clean my throttle bodies?
How do I tighten my throttle cable?
How do I keep my car from stalling at speed?
What causes safety boost?
How do I keep from constantly going into safety boost?
How do I perform the ECU diagnostic?
How do I perform ECU self diagnostics?
How do I perform the auto transmission diagnostic?
How do I find/fix a vibration?
How do I adjust my parking brake?
Am I having injector failure?
What can I do to pep up my higher mileage Z?
Why won't my car start when I turn the key?
My Z suddenly has 0psi of oil pressure!
How do I replace the oil pressure sender?
What's the 'gurgling' sound from the front fenders?
How do I replace the Idle Air Adjusting (IAA) unit?
How do I locate and repair fuel leaks?
How do I replace my shifter bushing?
How do I change my oil?
What's in the 60K maintenance routine?
How do I replace my stock airfilters or clean my K&N style?
How do I replace my fuel filter?
How do I replace my spark plugs?
How do I replace my timing belt?
How do I perform the HICAS self diagnostic?
How do I change my transmission and differential fluid?
What's the story with turning the brake rotors?
How do I rebuild my brake calipers?
My clutch is slipping, do I need a new one?
My transmission grinds from 5th to 4th, anything I can do?
My ignition coil connectors are all broken, I have to buy the whole expensive wiring harness?
What can be tested through the wiring harness?
What are the normal values displayed on the Techtom MDM-100?
How do I replace my PCV valves?
How do I remove my engine?
How do I replace my turbos?
How do I replace my EGR valve?
How do I check my compression?
How do I replace my clutch?
How do I replace my flywheel?
How do I replace my rear main seal?
How do I remove my transmission?
Does my fan in front of the radiator work?
How do I check my oxygen sensors?
How do I fix my center console clock?
How do I determine the correct bearings for my engineblock?

Engine-Drivetrain, Modifying:

Should I get blow-off valves or not? Do they really help?
How do I install blow-off valves?
Could someone explain boost jets to me?
How do I set the boost with boost jets or welding tips?
What is a modified torque converter, and do I want/need one?
How do I paint my brake calipers?
How do I install a K&N style intake?
How do I install a twin POP intake?
How do I tweak my timing?
How do I replace my brake rotors?
How do I install NA headers?
How do I do an ECU swap & boost jet install?
How do I gut my pre-cats?
How do I install an underdrive pulley?
How do I change my brake pads?
How do I install stainless steel brake lines?
Is going with a lightened flywheel worth it?
What's involved in a properly upgraded turbo?
How can I remote mount my Blitz turbo timer or other electronics?
How do I install a traction control?
How do I swap differentials?
How do I install aftermarket intercoolers?
How do I install a HKS Twin Power Ignition Amplifier?
What are the ARP part numbers?

Engine-Drivetrain, Misc:

How do I remove the shift knob?
What is the lug pattern size?
How do I replace a broken wheel stud?
Does my automatic Twin Turbo really have 20 horsepower less at the flywheel?
How do I read the engine timing marks correctly?
What size tires can I run?
Ground Net Installation

Body-Electrical, Troubleshooting/Maintenance:

My hood squeaks when I go over bumps, how do I stop this?
What's that buzzing sound coming from the cabin lights?
How do I bleed the brakes?
How do I get my Z really clean?
How do I remove swirl marks in my paint?
How do I run the diagnostics on my auto climate control?
My Cruise Control doesn't work. What do I check?

Body-Electrical, Modifying:

How do I replace my BOSE system?
How can I put black-outs on my taillights so they look different?
What is the correct offset for aftermarket rims?
How do I rewire my fog lights?
How do I instal a shift light?
How do I make my foglights brighter?
How do I install air guides for rotor cooling?
How do I tweak my stock suspension for Autocross?
How do I install a pillar mounted boost gauge?
How do I replace my front tension rods or install adjustable ones?
How do I install adjustable upper links (A-arms)?
Shocks and Springs Replacement
How do I make the 300ZX on the rear panel glow?

Body-Electrical, Misc:

How do I get my dashboard off?
How do I remove my front facia to replace it?
How do remove my front fenders?
Door Hinge Alignment
Door Handle/Lock Repair
Split Cargo Cover Repair


Can I convert my NA to a TT?

What color is my Z?
More on colors codes & serial numbers
Any stats on what models/colors/etc were produced?
What are the differences between model years?
Where can I look for Zs for sale on the internet?
What should I look for when purchasing a used Z?
What are the best shift points?
What is the best way to import a Z from Canada?
What magazines was the Z in?
How do I read the NGK spark plug codes?

The Z32 FAQ is maintained by:
Dallas DamonZ
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