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Shift Light Installation

Since our Z32 engines pump some serious power, almost all of us have been introduced to the rev limiter. The rev limiter is the safety feature that cuts down RPMs when the limit is reached. If you do much autocrossing, drag racing, or just like to gun it from time to time, a shift light might help you. The solution is to shift before the rev limiter kicks in, and having an adequate warning system could mean the difference between winning and losing. 

Installation of these products is relatively simple and requires no drilling and only standard tools. 

Before you begin, locate all the connections you will have to make, and consult your service manual. 

Parts required: (1.

#1 MSD RPM Activated Switch - part # 121-8950 price - $48.99 
#2 MSD RPM Module Selector (6000-8200rpm range in 200rpm increments) - part # 121-8672 price - $43.99 
#3 VDO Mega-lite shift light (2.) - part # 918-600895 price - $55.99 
All above parts can be purchased @ JEGS
10ft - 16 gauge wire 
3 wire-splicing clips 
Electrical tape 

Note: VDO has just released its Mega-Lite, which has 8 red LEDs arranged in a circle with a switch to select high, low, or off. 


1. Disconnect the negative battery terminal. 

2. Find wire #7 for those with Service Manual, for others it's a YELLOW/RED wire that is 4th from the center screw on the ECU. This is the TACH wire (RPM sending wire). Use one of the splicing clips to connect to it. Keep in mind that ECU is flipped over. (3.

3. Locate the +12V ignition switched wire, to power both the RPM Activated Switch and the VDO shift light. There is one right below the steering column. Remove the panel (1ft/1.5/ft down by your knees) by taking out 4 10mm bolts. Find the WHITE wire on the big WHITE harness & splice into it for switched power. Sorry the pic is blurry. (4.

4. Take the MSD RPM Activated Switch, and look at it's wires. RED is +12V ignition switched power (draw power from WHITE wire @ WHITE harness by the steering column), YELLOW goes to VDO Mega-lite YELLOW, WHITE goes to the ECU YELLOW/RED, GRAY is unused. Black is ground - of course, and gives ground for the whole assembly. 

5. Shift light has a RED and YELLOW, RED is for +12V power source, YELLOW goes to RPM Switch YELLOW. RED can be spliced into MSD RPM Activated Switch RED, and draw power from there. 

6. Carefully extend wires, and place units at your liking. My light is sitting on top of the steering column (5.), while MDS components are down by the ECU.  RPM Activated Switch is invisible, it's tucked under the rail, where the red wire is (6.). 

7. Before you put all the wires and parts back together, reconnect the battery & test to see if the light is working. Over 6000RPM and............BAM! (7.

Wolf [Pittsburgh]

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