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Brake Caliper Painting:

Here is a very simple asthetic DIY procedure, that will add custom or "big brake" look to your Z. This is the down and dirty version, I don't even have to remove the calipers from the hubs this way.


Whenever the wheels will be off

1. 1 Can of high-temp paint (Pep Boys)
2. Sandpaper
3. Lots of old newspapers.
4. Masking tape


1. Jack the car up, and take all usual safety measures. Take off the wheel (2.). I broke the stud off my right rear rim, threads got messed up, and nut wouldn't bulge, so I jumped on it, and the poor thing broke right off.

2. Use Simple Green or any other heavy duty cleaner to get the built up brake dust off the caliper. A brush will help, like toothbrush or slightly bigger. Repeat applications of cleaner/scrubbing until the caliper is clean.

3. Let it dry well, and while it's drying, remove brake pads. First take off the retaining pin (steel wire), then pull out two pin bolts, and pop the brake pads out. This step is not necessary, but can help not to paint all the pins and other things. If it's too complicated to remove, leave the pads on, and use masking tape & newspaper to mask it off.

4. Mask everything with newspaper, more is always better (3.). Then start painting. Spray one coat - let it dry for 20-30 minutes, it should take a total of 3 or 4 coats per caliper. Clearcoat can be applied afterwards, it's supposed to help keep calipers easy to clean (4.).

5. After the last coat of paint, let it dry thoroughly, then remove all the newspaper & tape (5.). If brake pads were removed, reinstall them (6.) If replacing the pads check the TECH article on

6. Optional: Get a piece of wood, and staple a piece of sand paper on it. Use this to take the paint off NISSAN will come out in silver (7.), and it looks like Brembo. :-)

7. For further athetic enhancement, paint Z emblem (centercaps) to match. Either paint the Z or the cap (with Z left in silver).

8. Replace the wheel(s). Make sure to torque them to 80 ft-lbs.


1. Do it inside (garage), so wind doesn't blow paint dust all over the Z.

2. There's never enough masking, use a lot of newspaper to make sure nothing gets messed up. Use a car cover with the wheel areas tucked back under the newspaper for maximum coverage.

Wolf [Pittsburgh]

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