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Oil Pressure Sender Replacement:

This is probably one of the easiest DIY (Do It Yourself) repairs on the Z. I had to replace my faulty, worn out oil pressure sensor when the oil pressure gauge started reading low. I am told that the oil pressure sensor is a common problem on the Z's. This procedure is based upon my 1990 non turbo.

Part Numbers:

25070-30P01 - Oil pressure sender (TT, not sure if NA is different)

Tools Required:

10 mm socket and socket wrench
17 mm open end wrench


During an oil change or any other time the oil is drained from the car. Note: the job can be done without draining the oil -- which, by the way, is how I did it -- but I don't recommend that. It's very messy.


Jack up the car using all normal safety precautions
Drain the oil and Remove the oil filter


1. Find the sensor. It's right above the oil filter (1. dot is on the sensor). 

2. Remove the deflector (2.). This will allow easier access to the oil pressure sensor (2 x 10 mm). This piece might only be on NAs. 

3. Unplug the connector (3. yellow dot) on the sensor by pulling back the rubber dust boot and push in the tab that unlocks the connector. Go ahead and clean off any corrosion on the contacts at this time. Remove the oil pressure sensor using a 17 mm open end wrench (3. red dot). Note: I did this without draining the oil so my oil filter (1. the big blue thing) is still installed and tends to get in the way.

4. Install the new sensor, plug in the connector, replace the deflector, and finish your oil change.

Note: If you're going to do this without changing the oil, here are a few tips:

1. In order to unscrew the old sensor and screw the new on in, put the wrench up high, near the exhaust manifold. That way there's a little more room to turn the wrench and the filter is not in the way. 

2. Have the new sensor on hand when you pull the old one out because the oil WILL start pouring out of the hole! Otherwise, you'll have to stick your finger over it and hope someone is around to hand you the new part! ;)


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