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What are the ARP part numbers?

    Head Studs
    QTY. 15AU-5.400-1LUB (AU-5.400LU)Head Stud12mm x 1.75 x 5.400$7.24eaTotal $108.60
    QTY. 3AU-4.900-LUB (AU-4.9LU)Head Stud12mm x 1.75 x 4.900$7.35eaTotal $22.05
    QTY. 16AUN12-1Hex Nut12mm x 1.25$4.11eaTotal $65.76
    QTY. 16AUW-750Washer12mm$1.31eaTotal $20.69
    Main Studs
    QTY. 9ATP-4.65LMain Stud11mm x 1.50 x 4.650$6.25eaTotal $56.25
    QTY. 9APN58Hex Nut$1.19eaTotal $10.71
    QTY. 9APW1316NWasher$1.04eaTotal $9.36
     Grand Total$293.42

    The reason there is an extra stud for each one ordered is because one is needed as a tester to gauge the stretch on instillation. This is similar to using a torque wrench on a bolt. There is a special tool that measures the stretch, which I believe ARP also sells.


    Mike Smith has already measured all this. The specs are as follows:

    -Main Stud 11mmx1.50x4.650-Torque Spec's 70lbs. w/moly lube on & under nut

    -Head stud 12mmx1.75x5.400-Torque Spec's 90lbs. w/moly lube on & under nut


    Finger tighten all the studs into the block once to make sure they fully seat. Make sure to put the 2 shorties in the correct places. Remove each and apply red loctite to the threaded ends going into the block and screw them back into place fully seated again. Install the heads. Install washers on all studs. Apply the ARP moly lube to each nut on the threads and bottom contact surface. The ARP lube is critcal because it sets the correct torque for the studs. Use of other lubricants will require other unknown torque values. Torque each to 90 ft-lbs in the pattern and manner noted in the factory service manual 3 times.

    Dallas DamonZ

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