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My Z suddenly has 0psi of oil pressure!

    A very common problem on Z32s, although not nearly as bad as it sounds. Generally it's a failure of the oil pressure sender unit:

    Oil pressure sender

    The sender is the thing with the orange dot on it in the picture next to the oilfilter. Just pull off the rubber boot and unclip the electrical connector inside of it, then unscrew the sending unit (17mm). The filter must be removed to get to the 17mm part of the sending unit, but I found it easier to just use vice grips and grab the whole sending unit and turn it, since I was going to replace it anyway.

    But, if the oil pressure sending unit is not faulty, these other things could be causing the low pressure:

    •   Low oil level
    •   Improper oil viscosity
    •   Oil diluted
    •   Camshaft, main, or connecting rod bearing worn
    •   Crankshaft or camshaft journals worn
    •   Oil pump worn
    •   Pressure relief valve spring is weak
    •   Oil pump intake is clogged
    •   Hole in the oil pickup pipe
    •   Leak in the oil connection line
    •   Oil filter is plugged
    •   Low idle speed
    •   Oil galleys are clogged

    J.R. (phx)

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