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Apex'i Super AVC-R Boost Controller Installation Images

1.AVC-R Kit
2.Some Extras
3.Points of Interest
4.How it hooks up
5.Alternate solenoid location
6.Hole beside battery
7.Remove for fender access
8.ECU access
9.Firewall grommett
10.ECU removal
11.ECU harness removal
12.ECU splice mappings
13.Pressure sensor install
14.Passenger side solenoid connector
15.Driver side solenoid connector
16.Boost control solenoid installed
17.How to feed the electrical harness
18.Passenger side boost hose
19.Driver side boost hose
20.Solenoid installation (Carlos)
21.Solenoid installation - partial (nixit)
22.Mounting points for display unit