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Subject 90+ 300ZX Magazine Articles (long)
Posted by ZAndy on September 30, 1999 at 10:15 AM
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Message Hi All,
I am still in the saving$/looking stage for a 300ZX Twin Turbo. While I wait I have been collecting all the magazine articles I can on the 90+ Z's. Below is a list of articles I have found so far. Someone on the forum asked for a list, thought I would post it here too. Please post info on any other articles you know of.
Also, can anyone recommend a good independent Z shop in Denver area to have my Z car evaluated at before I buy?


3-89 Intro/Preview Article on 300ZX-NA
11-89 300ZX-TT vs 944 Turbo
1-90 1990 Allstar Award and Design of the Year, Zig Zag 300Zx-NA Ad
1-91 1991 Allstar Award
10-91 300ZX-TT SR-71 (I don’t have this issue yet)
2-91 4 Season’s Long Term test of 300ZX-TT, Los Angels to Michigan road trip
1-92 1992 Allstar Award, short blurb on new 300ZX-convertible, 180 degrees from anything Ad
1-93 1993 Allstar Award
2-94 1994 Allstar Award, Genetics lesson Ad

Car & Driver
3-89 Intro/Preview Article on 300ZX-NA
8-89 Road Test 300ZX-NA
11-89 Road Test 300ZX-TT
1-90 Best of Award
2-90 300ZX-TT vs Corvette
9-90 Test Drive of 300ZX-TT-auto
1-91 Best of Award
8-91 300ZX-TT vs Dodge Stealth Turbo
1-92 Best of Award
2-92 300Zx-TT vs Corvette vs RX-7 vs Lotus, 180 degrees from anything Ad
6-92 300ZX-convertible (I don’t have this issue yet)
1-93 Best of Award
9-93 6 car comparison with 300ZX-TT

Motor Trend
3-89 Intro/Preview Article on 300ZX-NA
9-89 Road Test 300ZX-NA
11-89 Bang for the Buck Article with 300ZX-NA, Road Test 300ZX-TT
3-90 Winner of 1990 ICOY
12-90 I don’t have this issue yet.
6-91 300ZX-2+2 vs Dodge Stealth, 99% Extreme Ad
8-91 Test Drive 300ZX-TT-auto
1-92 Long Term Test Summary of 300ZX-TT (I don’t have this issue yet)
4-92 300ZX-TT vs Corvette vs RX-7 vs 3000GT, Love at first sight Ad
9-92 Bang for the Buck with 300ZX-TT
7-93 Japanese Car Comparison with 300ZX-TT, 0-100 in 19 Years Ad

Road & Track
3-89 Intro/Preview Article on 300ZX-NA
5-89 Road Test 300ZX-NA
10-89 300ZX-NA vs 944S2
12-89 Road Test 300ZX-TT, 300Zx-TT Ad with transparency overlay
11-90 Comparison Article with 300ZX-NA
3-92 Best Handling Car Article (I don’t have this issue yet)
8-93 Stillen 300ZX-TT GTZ, Catbird Seat Ad
2-94 300HP Club Article with 300ZX-TT, Genetics lesson Ad

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