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Subject *New Product Research* USDM-to-JDM Tail Light Set
Posted by z32na2tt on June 04, 2012 at 4:16 PM
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Message This article has been created to evaluate the demand for one of the most sought after items on the 300zx market, JDM tail lights. The stock tail lights on the 300zx are truly successful at making the car look it's age. We all know the solution to this problem is to give the car a facelift with the installation of JDM tail lights. The worst part about knowing how to fix this problem is not having enough money to do so. So, being Z enthusiast ourselves, my business partner and I, have collaborated together in developing a product to help bridge the price gap between real JDM tail lights and cheap chinese replicas. We are in the final stages of making a set of affordable tail lights for the 300zx that will give you the quality and cosmetic appearance your looking for. We are well aware of the market for DIY JDM tail lights but our product is taking this process to another level. We will be offering a service converting your existing USDM taillights into JDM replicas using our newly developed product. This is not your average conversion, clear inserts will be made from injection molded plastic to replace the OEM orange inserts. Since the inserts are made using factory parts, the fit and finish will be as good as OEM. Our goal is to provide a
product of such high quality that if subjected to a side-by-side examination, our set of converted tail lights and a set of JDM tail lights
will be indistinguishable. We are in the final stages of developing this product but we must gauge are market accordingly before we attempt to mass produce the final product and service. We, as Z enthusiasts, are connected to all of you through our deep passion for the 300zx and we feel that this is the best place to obtain valued opinions from real 300zx enthusiast about our product. We are open to all suggestions and comments and we ultimately would like to know if this product would answer your needs for an affordable and quality upgrade to your OEM tail lights.

•EXACT same cosmetic appearance and quality as real JDM tails at half the price.

•You will be supporting Z enthusiast who will continue to develop new affordable and innovative products for the 300zx community.

• Due to the respect that we have for OEM JDM tail lights in our community, you will not be able to say that the final product we provide you with is a legitimate JDM set.

We look forward to all of your opinions and replies.

-C.G. Innovations


Choice 1: (YES) I would be interested in purchasing a set if the product was made available to the public.

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