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Subject Steering knuckle rubbing new rack and pinion
Posted by cooler17 on March 14, 2010 at 1:37 AM
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Message Hi,

I'm a long time lurker, first (?) time poster (I seem to always find my answers by searching :) ). Anyway, I just replaced the rack and pinion on my 91 N/A 2+2 today, since the old one was leaking all its fluid into the boots, but I've got a problem where the knuckle (u-joint?) on the steering shaft rubs the new rack and pinion while turning. Here's a pic:

Basically, the steering wheel feels like it's got a lump when you turn the wheel, and looking at it from underneath, I can see where the knuckle rubs the tip of the new rack (just the tip, not the teeth). Of course I want to get it fixed before I take it out and drive it, since I'm sure that can't be good, but I can't figure out what I did wrong.

Anyone know what would cause this? I've tried pulling the knuckle out as far on the rack side as possible, but it didn't get rid of the problem.

I've currently got new-ish bushings (yugobernie installed them for me several years ago), which I put back on the new rack. I found this post: La-Z-Link, which talks about putting the knuckle on before tightening, when installing bushings. It does seem that if the rack was pointed more upward that might not rub, but I just tightened the rack how it seemed to fit.

I also had problems with the knuckle being stuck when I first tried moving it (on the steering shaft side), so I tried to pry it, but that didn't move it (I ended up prying the back apart, then it slid back down). Could I have bent or pulled out something further up when I did that? Here's a pic of the steering shaft and further up:

The only other ideas I have involve a dremel... which can't be good :P . One is shave down the knuckle so it won't rub (but that'd probably weaken the knuckle)... the other is to cut off the nipple on the new rack (it seems unneeded, but I'd hate to modify it if it doesn't need to be). The new rack looks just like the old rack... I don't see any reason why it wasn't a smooth swap, unless I messed something up along the way.

BTW, I followed these posts for actually performing the swap: La-Z-Link and La-Z-Link.


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