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Subject Physics Charts! Come and get your red hot Physics Charts!
Posted by vorpalZed on July 02, 2024 at 11:59 PM
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Message Fresh from the ?b?a?k?e?r?y? dyno @ Dynopalooza 2024

Here's the 4 Z32s we tuned June 20-22. Mod lists included.

First (or first complete pull) in blue and final tuned runs in red. Dynojet 248. STD Correction 1.9 In reverse order of HP.

Brian S. 1990 TT with Stillen add-ons all done at Costa Mesa in 2003:

CP pistons
Crower Rods
Sport 550 turbos
Stillen 2.5" Intercoolers
HKS SSQV blow off valves
New style 555 cc/min injectors
Stillen LW Al flywheel
ACT HD clutch
Stillen oil cooler
Stillen Ultra SS downpipes
Stillen Race Pipes
Stillen catback exhaust
Dual Hi-Flow intake
Greddy Profec B

This car was Old School. We swapped plugs before dyno, and good thing too... his old ones had 2 electrodes melted off. Much happier with a fresh set of Heat range 7 Iridiums. We also bullied him into dumping his Petro-Canada 94 for Shell 93 that we had all tuned on.

Loving that TQ spike at 4500... he was pretty impressed at the improvement.

Next up,
Peter L. AKA itsa300zx 1990 NA-> TT conversion.
He had tuned before but we did a 25 hour engine pull and turbo swap to try out his new swept 7 blade modified Sport 500's:

JDM TT motor
Full 2.5" breather with ash intercoolers.
Selin dual intake
3" dp/tp to 2.5" stillen cat back.
Nismo 740cc/min injectors.
ASP ud pulley.
Sp500 with billet 7+7 swept comp wheel.
Greddy profec BC
MSP manifolds

also tuning on Shell 93

And here we go:

Breather mods kept the torque up over Brian's Z and the HP kept climbing right to 6500.

Rob K vorpalZed's 1993 VerTT conversion

Original JDM TT engine we did the swap with in 2012 finally developed low compression and bad leakdown numbers. Pulled it and found the dreaded soft valves had pulled back into the seats. So sent that motor off for rebuilding and ran a stock TT 'loaner' motor from MixManMash last year. Installed the rebuilt motor in February:

JDM TT motor, lots of OEM seal & gasket replacement
Wiseco pistons Eagle Rods
Supertech .5mm oversize valves
JWT valve springs
Balanced rotating assembly
JWT Sport 500 turbos
JWT 400 cams
BDE Bullet intake and exhaust adjustable cam gears
Mike Smith Manifolds
Stillen ICs
300 Degree fuel rail with Nismo new style 740's
Selin Dual intake translator with twin 370Z JWT filters
NGK Iridium BKR7EIX plugs
Plenum heat-dispersion coated
BDE motor mounts
Specialty Z custom ROM chip in socketed ECU

Specialty Z super-split 4 bolt downpipes
2.5" test pipes from an old JWT genie exhaust
SZ 2.5" polished stainless catback; quad round tips

Blitz SBC-iD III Type R boost controller

Shell 93 tune.

First couple of pulls, it was a dog... no torque. Greg and Seb jump in and start checking things out... decide that the wastegate balance is way off. Pull the car and get it up on a lift, and sure enough:

Passenger side wastegate arm popped off:

So the poor DS turbo was doing all the work. Had to let it cool for a bit, the Matt our club President got it reattached to the flapper and a retainer clip installed. And yes, we wrapped that red clutch line that was melting in the pi and snugged-up the loose turbo/downpipe bolt. They call us Amateur Z for a reason...

Back to business:

Ho-Lee Sheet! We did several pulls and the numbers kept climbing. At 490 HP Greg said 'No knock yet' so we kept going. At 496 HP he could hear a little. Well, dammit, I'm not stopping there. We walked away for 15 minutes and ran the fans right on the plenum. And by gum, last run we got 501HP 513 TQ.

No breather mods on this car, but the headwork & .5mm valves, cams + adjustable cam gears definitely made a difference.

And top of the Z32 heap this year, after a 7 year down time on his red Zed:

Mahesh U. MixManMash 1993 TT coupe.

Remember that 'loaner' motor I ran in the VerTT last year and yanked out in February? Well, guess where it wound up:

MixMan ordered a set of CZP Zero G5s and we dropped it into red Zed that had been gathering dust since our infamous drag strip night in 2017 that broke a bunch of Zed cars.


ATI Street Damper
JWT Pop Chargers c/w 370Z filters (qty. 2)
Ash Spec Inlet piping for Planar Filter Mounting (with
PCV & Re-Circ fittings)
Nismo 740CC Injectors
300degree Fuel Rail c/w SZ Fuel lines
SpecialtyZ Stainless 3" Expansion Stainless Steel
SpecialtyZ 3" Stainless Steel Test Pipes with Sebring
Resonators and Wide Band O2 bungs
Specialty Z 3" Stainless Steel Single Tip Catback
with X-pipe.
HKS Twin Power Ignition Amplifier
Ash Spec Massive Intercoolers
CZP 2.5" Intercooler Piping
CZP / ZERO G5 Billet Ball Bearing Turbo Kit
MS Manifolds
NGK Iridium Heat Range 7 Spark Plugs
Z1 Motorsports 58mm Throttle Bodies
Stock Engine Internals
Single Walbro 485 fuel pump
Haltech controlled

Shell 93 tune.

Spin 'er up:

Pulled great. Would have loved to see an E-85 tune on this setup, but sadly, no pumps in our area.

So all 4 cars did well on Shell 93, no drama like we've had in the past on Petro Canada 94 and Husky 94 (now discontinued). We have Esso 94 available and I tuned on it fine last time, but everyone I've talked to runs the Shell 93 as their pump fuel and by my VerTT's numbers, I'm a fan.

In fact, I'm starting a religion: St. Shell 93, Our Lady of Octane.


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