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Subject Re: Nismo GT LSD experience? Thoughts?
Posted by ryzan on December 06, 2023 at 4:14 AM
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In Reply To Nismo GT LSD experience? Thoughts? posted by Placuch on November 30, 2023 at 11:03 AM
Message I have run a 2-way GT LSD in my Z32 for a few years now. Mine is the standard GT LSD, not the pro or carbon version. My experience is based on having ES poly diff bushes and stock rubber subframe bushes with collars fitted. Also running 18" rims and PBM coilovers.

I've probably put around 5000km on it (Australia). The Z has primarily been my weekend car but I have taken it on a few long trips, done several drift days, and used it as my daily at times when I needed to.

Reliability hasn't been an issue for me even with the abuse it copped. I've never driven with a more predictable diff, it consistently locks and unlocks when you would expect it to.

Streetability isn't great in low speed low load situations. This is when you will find it to be loud and rough/jerky. For example when driving through a carpark or slowly around a residential area. I think this is usually when your wheel speed roughly matches driveline speed and the diff ends up bouncing between accel-unlocked-dececel. Applying power to keep it locked helps here but may result in some understeer.

You may also find that in low speed tight turns like when pulling into a driveway or doing a u-turn it may skip the inside wheel, similar to a locked diff, as there isn't enough slip.

Originally I ran genuine Nismo gear oil, but ended up running the Motul equivalent that Nismo oil is based off. From memory and the research I did at the time, Nismo oil basically contains additional friction modifiers that help with those low speed situations. It was definitely better with the Nismo oil, but still far from perfect (hence why I never bothered to change back since there was a decent price difference).

The other feedback I've heard is that it can be sketchy in the wet. I never had an issue with my setup, however I have a 2+2. I could see it being a bit more twitchy in a 2+0 with softer springs and shocks under similar conditions. I also think this comes down to tires and the driver.

Ideally the GT LSD Pro Carbon would be the pick of the bunch if you ignore price as it is designed for smoother operation and allows torque to be adjusted on the clutch discs. However at the time I couldn't find a version with ABS stub axles (unsure if this has changed)?

The thing to ask yourself is how much of a compromise are you willing to make with low speed drivability for predictable and consistent locking?

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