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Subject Re: Shielding against HID interference?
Posted by Kvert on November 13, 2023 at 12:22 PM
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In Reply To Shielding against HID interference? posted by ZXoltan on November 13, 2023 at 06:02 AM
Message Excellent question.

For input power, I’m using a LT8672 active rectifier with reverse bias protection and emi filter. I have a very generous output capacitance to also aid in filtering and hold up during cranking. That is focused on conducted emissions suppression. I don’t have HID headlights so I have nothing to test against. I do have LED headlights if that means anything.

That being said, after reading Mr. Selin’s post on HID EMI, my position is that it’s not a problem he should have fixed as it was someone else’s. His report stated the ballasts in question caused his wireless mouse to crap out and it blue screened his computer. These are clearly parts that would never pass electromagnetic compatibility testing. I can’t even imagine the stress they may be putting on other electronics in the car. Those ballasts should be in the trash and never used.

In summary, there will not be a shield built into the unit. This does not mean that it will suffer like the Selin v1 units as I have no offending ballasts to try. I can only attest to my measurements that I did on my own car that showed the DC regulators outputting clean power. For reference, electrically speaking my car is stock with the exception of using LEDs in the interior, exterior, and headlights.

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