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Subject That was my thinking on
Posted by Boosted1 on January 21, 2023 at 12:24 PM
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In Reply To I have bellmouth design / style right now - not the CZP posted by The Devils Z on January 20, 2023 at 12:45 PM
Message my most recent build on a different Z.
I wanted the best street drivability without chasing top end.
I also wanted a car that was quieter than my full 3" exhaust setup.
So here is what I chose.
Stock motor
Dual Pop charger intakes
Ported stock T/Bs by Rob
Z1 stock fitment intercoolers ( don't have to modify turn signals ).
MS Manifolds
Sport 500s from my very first build in the 90's with new CHRAs.
SZ divorced wastegate 2.5" downpipes.
SZ mid pipes ( with Cats now )
B&B 2.5" catback
740cc injectors
1 pc driveshaft
Electronic ( Blitz ) boost controller
SZ chip based on above.

I know I could get more hp with 3" free exhaust, but for street driving, I find this to be more pleasant while still be much improved over stock & "stage 3"

I have 3 cars for comparison of 4 cases as most recent build was all Stock prior to COVID lockdown.

1. All Stock. A little boring by current standards for power.

2. a pure stage 3 car with no other mods. It only has single Pop, JWT Cat back, jets and chip.
Of course this is the car best to take wife to dinner or long over the road trip as it is the quietest of the 3 and no exhaust odor.

3. a full breather car. Dual pops, ugraded Intake & Intercooler piping, 62mm T/Bs ported intake, MS manis, sport 700s, full free 3" exhaust, Carbon fiber driveshaft. It also has full suspension mods with SPL parts, coil overs, Subframe bushings. This car shines on track. Fun to drive on sunny weekend days. However it is also so loud that takes away from the fun to drive if not attacking a hot lap on a track. It also has some exhaust odor that wife and kids both complain about. And of course least compliant suspension. If I were to plan to run race gas and high boost, I would want the bell mouth Down pipes.

4. Took car from 1. to make most recent build described above ( including the divorced waste gate down pipes) is as close as I could get to best balance. Before COVID this was an all stock car.
I had gathered parts for several year thinking about my "ideal street build". When COVID lockdown happened, I pulled the motor and commenced the updates.
After the initial round of updates, I changed to SZ mid pipes with cats and a new tune and there is no odor.
I also have new X-pipe with resonator to try and further reduce exhaust noise.
However with this setup, it is noticeably better than the "stage 3" car in power delivery, while being pleasant in terms exhaust noise, odor and ride harshness.

This ( case 4. ) is my go to car choice for the street now even if it's just me or me and wife / kid.

Maybe unnecessarily long post to say that for given applications each DP style has it's place. lol.

0094.jpg" border="0" alt="Dynorun">

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