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Subject Dyno drama
Posted by AxleZTTic on October 20, 2022 at 9:05 PM
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Message So, I'll try to keep this condensed. I'm currently not taking the time to host & link pics, but can if anyone needs or wants. Mods list:

-dual jwt pop chargers
-z1 2.5" intake/intercooler piping with BA intercoolers
-CZP G5 turbos
-mike smith ported & swain coated oem manifolds
-3" split DP's with 3"-2.5" test pipes
-2.5" Brullen cat back
-ati race damper
-750cc injectors with czp rail
-new oem fuel pump
-rps flywheel, jwt clutch, ati carbon driveshaft
-Link G4+ stand alone with MAP sensor & boost control
-innovate dual widebands

I started off with 470rwhp, 440 ft-lbs @ 15psi on 94 octane. At the time I had an NA fuel pump.

Upgraded to OEM TT fuel pump, re-tune at 18psi on 94 octane. Numbers were 450rwhp & 470 ft-lbs. HP plateaued for around 1500rpm. Took the car home and found a very obvious boost leak at coupler joining throttle bodies. Fixed that, needed a new tune.

Took to a new shop, they got 340rwhp @ 480 ft-lbs @ 16psi. They did a remote tune, and their tuner claims turbos max at 16psi.

Loooooong story dealing with this shop, absolute shit show. I ended up saying I wanted Specialty Z to do the remote tune. Well SZ doesnt do Link ecu's apparently, but they were willing to look at the tune and help this shop out. The shop has been arguing and trying to convince me to accept the current tune, doing everything they can to not send SZ a copy of this tune. The tuner refused to allow this shop to send SZ the tune, it became enough of a shit show that the shops manager walked out and went home. I posted details on FB and the shops owner ended up agreeing to send the tune to SZ provided I remove my FB posts.

If possible I would appreciate anyone who has similar mods, and a dyno sheet, to post them up so I've got more info to send this shops owner. I've already done a search and saved a lot of posts and sheets that I've found. Seb, if you're reading this, please help by looking at this tune they (hopefully) send you!!!! Some of you Vancouver Z guys will remember me from way back when Z-Tune would fly Greg & Seb out for dyno weekends. I know what kinda numbers my car should be making, and 340 aint it. This shop actually went so far as to claim the previous shop, that got 470/440 @ 15, doctored the results. They've currently bricked my car, I just want someone who actually knows what they're doing to help tune/fix the tune on my car!

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