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Subject PPF will protect your paint. The rest wont
Posted by Mike@ZSpeed on July 28, 2022 at 5:26 PM
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In Reply To (How) do you protect your paint? posted by Mockingbird on July 28, 2022 at 03:53 PM
Message Ceramic coating is just that a “coating” think of it like wax on growth hormone. Sure it will repell water and make it easier to clean etc…
It might give you “some” protection from acid from bugs etc…

Paint protection film WILL protect your paint.
I did the entire front end on my Avalon. Not cheap but worth it.
I’ve had scratches from doors, bumped into garbage containers, handle bars from kids bikes scratching and I even tested it with my key.
Works great!!!
It’s great for bug guys.
Where I live certain times of the year I drove thru may flys and wet land bugs. I might not get around to washing my car for a few weeks after. Never have to worry about the bug acid damaging everything.

$.02 and experience.
Ceramic coating is better then wax I suppose. But once it’s on it’s on. Can’t just wash it off. A good ceramic will need to be wet sanded off. I dk t want that kn my car.

My $.02
I dk t know where I saw it. But there was a video on YouTube from a high end automotive detailing company ( from Italy ). They showed what a ceramic coating does and how hard it is to remove.

1990 NA
1993 TT

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