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Subject DynoPal0oza 2022 Physics Charts
Posted by vorpalZed on June 29, 2022 at 12:59 PM
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Message Freshly sorted, here are the numbers. I have the mod lists as best as I can find them. Any errors or omissions, please jump in and correct me.

Usual caveats: These are corrected numbers, 1.9 as we are at 2200' elevation. We use STD correction factor as well.

I post first and final pulls for a relative gain over the tuning session, as this shows the best what gains were made from tuning.

So, in reverse order of HP:

Anthony S. 1995 TT

POP charger and 2.5" catback. That's it. Everything else stock. No boost jets, stock precats, stock boost cut solenoids, EGR, PRVR, all there.

First pull was sluggish as shit. Greg hops out of the car and declares it's in safety boost. So the modding began... a megaohm resistor on the det sensor cable. 2nd pull was much improved:

Rob K 1993 Convertible TT

Installed a JDM engine from Kent's engine stockpile... old one developed low compression. Sport 500's, Mike Smith Manis, Stillen IC's, 740 cc/min injectors, 2.5" SZ supersplit downpipes and test pipes, SZ 2.5" catback. Stock cams and cam gears. Tuned on the newly available Esso 94... I'm a fan!

Geoff M. 1990 TT

Z1 2.5" intake piping w/ Z1 big intercoolers
dual intake dual MAF w/ Selin translator
GT2860RS turbos
SZ expansion downpipes to full SZ 3" exhaust
Rebuilt engine with Wiesco pistons but otherwise stock components (25-30k kms on it)
UR under/overdrive pulleys
Winfactory top feed fuel rail with 870cc injectors
Z1 Dual Disc clutch and flywheel -> SZ flywheel and high 5 clutch
Nistune ECU

Z1 Twin Disc clutch wouldn't hold power past 300 ft/lbs TQ. Plan was hatched to get a Hi-5 and segmented flywheel installed from MixMan's parts pile. Pulled him off the dyno and got that done, back on and the end of the day. E85 tune:

Roy D. 1995 TT

Stock engine, 2554 turbos, full 2.5" breather piping, Haltech Elite 2000 with E85 sensors. Tuned on E-85. He had tuned previously, new exhaust. Still, some gains there:

Kevin C. 1990 TT

1990 Nissan 300ZX, built TT motor, GT3071s, (many parts from Greg and Seb), adjustable exhaust cam gears & stock ECU. Tuned on 94oct and water methanol injection. Replaced the (ahem) 'custom' intake piping with a set of OEM we had on hand... fixed the A/F issues we were having.

Blue Base run, Red 94, Green 94 + Water/meth injection (cuts off @ 6K but run was clean)

Kent M. 1990 Slicktop TT

Built motor, full breathers, gtx2860r gen2s, id1050 top feeds, BDE adjustable cam gears, HALTECH,

Tuned on 94 (red) & E85 (green). However, wastegate issues wouldn't let us boost past 22 PSI, way more to be had in this setup:

Gurdeep D. 1990 TT Auto

We tuned this Z in 2012 with a previous owner, back for more punishment now from new owner Gurdeep (last dyno high score winner on his built slicktop).

Fully built block, Full breathers, 850 cc injectors, AMS manifolds (gaaaaack), Garrett 2871 turbos, JWT 500 cams, Selin, 3" exhaust & SZ built auto trans.

94 red and green for corn:

And our Z32 high score winner (Boosted 370Z was top overall this year)

Tom G 1990 TT

EPR shortblock with Weisco pistons, Pauter rods. 1mm oversize valves, port work. Upper / Lower plenum porting. 1050 ID injectors, MS manifolds with GTX 2867 turbos. GTR ign coils and a water/meth kit.

And a SPZ built auto now known as Mr. Slippy...just hoping it is just needs a fluid filter change like Greg says.

My run was 130 less WHP than it's last dyno run in its same configuration.

Red 94 + water/meth and green Q16 +water meth:


- Way less race fuel (Tom was the only one on Q16) Everyone else went to E85 for power. And no wonder, with the price of race fuel in the stratosphere, E85 is a bargain.

- average HP is climbing, we averaged around the mid 500 mark, I was way down in the 400's with the vert... maybe corn on the new engine when I get it done...

- Massive thanks to Joshua at Silver Maple who bent over backwards for us for 4 days of crazyness. He's fantastic.

- Special shoutout to the Amateur Z Pit Crew who pitched in with last minute mod help and supplies: Matt M., Mike M., Dan, and special MVP mention to Ben for busting his ass on car fixits... take a bow.

- and of course, to Greg and Seb who seem to keep coming back every time, must be the low Canadian dollar or something.

VorpalZed out.

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