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Subject Work on tightening everything up first. Then springs.
Posted by Gordo LSZ Daytona on January 15, 2021 at 11:36 AM
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In Reply To 300ZX state of suspension upgrades in 2020 posted by boileralum on January 14, 2021 at 11:58 AM
Message I know most people jump in and swap out springs and shocks first thing; but working on the other suspension components first cured much of the poor ride quality and allowed me to isolate impact harshness of the shock/spring combo vs bushings, etc. Basically it allowed me to fine tune the spring selection.

My ride was sloppy and that contributed to the impact harshness. So I replaced all the bushings with OEM rubber or Nismo first. this included the rear subframe bushings. That one fix transformed the ride.

Then I finessed the roll bar set up. Mine was NA so I used a TT bar in the rear. That flattened the cornering pretty well. Heavier bars like
Stillen or ST are even more aggressive, but remember they add to the overall spring rate when only only wheel is being compressed.

Finally, the last factor was the spring and shock set up. I went from stock NA to Tein H then the Tein S. Once the ride height vs ride quality tradeoff was established, we addressed camber control with 300 Degree kit and an extra shim.

No poly in the car except where I couldn't find a rubber/ Nismo replacement.

Those with heavier TT cars might want to find my writeup on using NA springs w/ TT shocks. NA springs are just a little shorter, with almost the same rates; and I got the drop I wanted with no sacrifice in ride quality.

A couple guys said they didn't get the drop they wanted, but I was completely happy with that setup. I couldn't do the same on this current car because my loaded weight is 3250 lbs, even lighter than the NA from which it began. The front was an inch higher than the rear on Stock NA springs.


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