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Posted by Jason300zxTT on September 16, 2020 at 11:57 AM
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In Reply To My Proto Z thoughts, the ups and downs posted by Stanky (BC) on September 15, 2020 at 09:54 PM
I want to address the things I absolutely love and some things I dont care so much for. The headlights and tail lights I think are amazing. I love the interior, the brakes, the overall fitment of the wheels to fenders. Love the heritage they brought into the vehicle.

What I don't care for is the square opening in the front fascia, as I think its too large for what it is and takes away from the overall feel of the car. The body lines are on point minus the square grill. I am betting given the outcry of the front fascia that Nissan will refine this. Love the fact the designer went after the driver feeling of the car and becoming one with it to give you control with the manual gearbox

The gauges, oh man... is there a bunch. If you look at the interior photos you will see 3 turbo gauges. 2 boost (1 analog in the triple pod, 1 digital on cluster) and 1 rpm/boost gauge in the pod. Why do you need two boost gauges and who honestly cares about turbo rpm?

The color.... I know some of you love yellow z cars and I get it, but this was an absolute terrible color to choose to show off the car. It took away from the body lines and showing off the hips of the car. A dark color such as black, dark blue or dark red, really would have shown off the lines of the car better imo. I dont care for the yellow. I am hoping a tk3 or similar dark blue color option will be available. Pair that color with ccw classics :) and I am sold.

Love that Nissan is doing a twin turbo v6 in it, even though in that entire hour, no horsepower numbers, no 0-60 numbers were said. Nissan also did not mention if the car will have Nissan 360 safety. The hour long showing of the car had me wondering more than I did before and it did its job to completely pull me in and wanting more.

The questions I cant wait to see the results of.
- What will the price point be?
- Will it be cheaper than the a90 Supra?
- Will it out perform the a90 Supra?
- How does it stack up against the 300, 370 in qr mile
- Will it have different driving modes (sport/ touring)
- What options will be available
- What colors will be available
- Will it have (assuming it will) have a lsd rear and what type?
- Will they all be 6 speed or will a DCT transmission be an option?
- Are the 6 piston, 4 piston brakes going to make it to every model?


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