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Subject Added another TTZ to the family this summer !
Posted by Drk93TT on August 08, 2020 at 8:40 PM
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Message I've been looking for a clean STOCK low mileage TTZ for just shy of two years. Finally found one in the Pittsburgh PA area ... June 10th (my birthday actually picked it up same day) thanks to some Z friends in the area who spotted it quick fast and let me know!

The craigslist ad was one sentence and the pictures were... well one picture from 40 feet away in the middle of a car show with 2 50's Chevys next to it.. The Z had 35,000 miles on it and basically a one owner family kept car.... I could tell something was right about the car and the price was right. A day later made the 4ish hr drive there to check it out.

I was not informed that the car had the airbag light on and flashing. The car was very much hurting for maintenance (original timing belt anyone?) brakes.. cosmetic work.. etc etc...

Also the seller said it had kind of a rough idle most of the time. Turns out I got lucky on the airbag light (reset procedure and she was out) but not so lucky on the rough idle. Right away on the initial test drive... it was on 5 cylinders..not 6.. and most likely (it was) a bad fuel injector (#1 dead).

Ended up buying the car for a great price and driving it home on 5 cylinders (Oh yes it was fun) and also It stalled out once when decelerating to a toll booth haha.

Got to work right away.. didn't even wash the dang thang.

120k kit installed PRONTO as well as new radiator hoses and KOYO radiator. New Spark plugs (6b11b's that were on the shelf here) as well as Diff, Transmission, brake fluids.






Then Plenum pull.... new style fuel injectors, OEM fuel filter.fuel.. hoses (even the 2 that run under the BMC with everything in place (yay that was fun!!!) ..


Fan itself had some cracks so that got replaced..



Interior needed TAN sun shades (immaculate ones on eBay for about 110$ shipped ! ) Also new shift knob, e brake handle and new boots... as well as an e brake cable adjustment at the rear adjustment point (star wheels) to make it engage how it should!




Car also needed front pads and rotors... I ended up sanding the NISSAN lettering so they are now silver. (ALSO I know the hardware is backwards in this pic.. I fixed it so that the bulge is facing down instead of up.. flipped the HW cross)



Front tension rod bushings were shot and leaking.. ES 3 pieces to the rescue


The front washer pump was not working. Turns out they had been filling it with water.. and it rusted and burnt out the OEM pump. so that was replaced with a good used pump from Facebook Z community (hence why the hose is so dirty thing prob has 200k on it but who cares she workin meow)


Cleaned up the exhaust tips (Thanks Chemical Guys Metal Polish wow what a difference) Also painted the backs of the mufflers Hi temp exhaust BLACK




Car had a code 53. Removed the RH 02 as well as the adapter to the downpipe (cool! Bonus ! lol) changed it out and code 55 now. Ran a mechanical boost/vac gauge and confirmed the car was indeed boosting a healthy 9.5-10psi! My stock gauge reads 6-7 barely hits the 2nd TICK.... Also passed boost leak test after a loose clamp was adjusted.




Relocated the aftermarket AMP to behind the RH seat (It was on the luggage rack..... Uhhhhh GTFO)


The RH tail light was in poor condition.. stress cracking and what not... so that was replaced with a nice used RH tail. as well as the TWIN TURBO badge which had seen better days and was replaced with new ! Many other OEM replica stickers under the hood (Thanks Blaster Z Great new company) replaced.

The OE fan shroud was cracked at the top so the car saw a new OEM replacement. The car also received a new nissan hamburger (actually came off my Red 93 TT when I painted nose panel and went to "Z" Jdm badge!


Here they are happy as Z Clams (Gawwwwwwwwwww) ...


All Waxed and washed



Winter 2020 Plans?

-Have the front bumper repainted proper (Grey stripe in middle "mustache" period correct.

-New oil pressure sender (she low and wrong)

-Boost control solenoid replacement to make OEM gauge more "accurate" Don't judge mhm mhm

-New tires (Current tires 2004-2006 DOTs)

Lotta other things Im forgetting. This thing is a work in progress but its so nice to have a STOCK TT !!! Its so QUIET !! haha. It has been a fun last couple months to keep busy basically 5 nights a week after work messing with the new Z !

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