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Subject Aftermarket GPS tracker for the Z
Posted by Polishzx on May 20, 2020 at 9:11 PM
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Message It's funny because regardless of its actual value, I still worry about parking the Z out in public like it was the ark the covenant. An immobilizer switch is a great option, but I also liked the idea of a GPS tracker, just in case I ever came back to the car not being where I left it.

I ended up purchasing a Trackimo Guardian device. It was one of the only 3G GPS trackers available at the time. The device itself is very small and could be used to track anything. This setup is particularly cool because Trackimo released an external power bank that lets you add a huge reserve battery capacity to the guardian's small onboard battery. (regular battery banks don't work, trust me I tried!)

Here is the device I have: La-Z-Link
Battery Bank: La-Z-Link
Splice kit La-Z-Link

The external battery bank is hooked up to the car's power either via USB cable to aftermarket headunit, or spliced directly in to onboard power source of your choice with splice kit. You could have it connected to the car's battery if you wanted, or keep the system completely separate from the car battery. I opted to use my headunit's USB power for testing purposes, which has worked great. The battery bank is only recharged when the Z is running/driven. Once the car is parked/stereo off, the battery bank stops charging and just feeds the Guardian tracker. This gives you huge amounts of standby power after every drive, several weeks to months. You can daisy chain more than one battery bank for even more capacity.

The tracking itself is pretty decent. It will call home on a set interval (which will affect its small internal battery greatly when not hooked up to external battery bank), or you can ping the device to get its location at any time via the app/website. Be warned that if the tracker doesnt have cellular service, it won't be able to record/send any data until a connection is returned. In addition to being a security device, it is kind of neat to see where the Z has been driven. FYI: It does record your speed during pings to the device!

It isn't cheap. ~200 with a year of service included. An additional year of service costs $60 which isn't too bad considering the cost of other GPS devices/service fees that I was able to find. Your mileage may vary, but I was able to get a decent discount to my inital purchase by talking to their chat support. However, I've never been able to get a discount on additional years of service.

Overall I'd rate my satisfaction with the entire experience at 8/10, I haven't had to touch it since installing it in its current configuration. Also just to give you an idea of what the map interface looks like, here is a few weeks of driving history from last month. The red "Stops" are not very accurate, but it does attempt to tell you when the car is stopped for long periods of time. The interface can be janky at times, but mostly works well. I highly recommend watching some youtube videos/reviews on Trackimo devices before making a purchase, so you can get a feel for their interface and other features. If anyone else has experimented with similar GPS trackers/services, I'd love to hear any feedback on those as well.

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