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Subject believe what you want to believe, but available data doesn't
Posted by LJZTT on January 14, 2020 at 6:48 PM
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In Reply To LJ 2 things posted by BlitZ91TT on January 13, 2020 at 09:34 PM
Message support your assertions, which by definition makes them "baseless".

BaT may not represent Z32 enthusiast buyers very well, but fishing for months and years for the "perfect buyer" (which would have to be a Z32 enthusiast) to get a market-beating premium on a sale of a good to excellent condition Z32 is the very definition of an outlier, and that does not indicate values have gone up. Do I need to explain what an outlier is and how it relates to a market?? There simply are not enough Z32 enthusiasts, much less Z32 enthusiasts with cash and in the market, to prop up the Z32 market values which is comprised of tens of thousands of cars. C'mon man... I shouldn't have to explain this. As others have already stated here, regional markets can work for and against buyers and sellers alike to a certain extent, but even that aspect is diminishing very quickly with greater acceptance of online used car purchasing.

BaT does however represent the marketplace in general, on the high side of sale prices, and that is putting it conservatively IMHO.

"Good" and "excellent" condition Z's have been selling at 10-20k for well over 12 years now depending on mileage. The only difference between current trends and what has been in place for a long time is unicorn Z32s (super low mile 94-96TT examples) used to go for 25-30k, but now we see some going well into the 40k range.....oh and where do we see them?....on BaT...and ONLY TWICE has it happened there. Nobody has demonstrated a single similar sale elsewhere to my knowledge, but I guess that "doesn't necessarily represent the market" right? So what does? Anecdotal evidence from car forums, a youtuber, or some graph produced for an article/blogpost by an uncompetitive insurance company with a vested interest in shaping the perspective of uninformed consumers (and then fortuitously parroted by uninformed youtubers for them...for free no less? Christ, I hope you at least ask them for a deal on a policy for yourself) C'mon man...take a step back and be objective here.

The horse has seriously been beaten to a lifeless pulp on this topic, nothing has changed and nothing is going to change for quite some time in the foreseeable future.
Accept it and avoid parroting baseless assertions.

30 years ago...or now?

"I torch my soul to show the world that I am pure deep inside my heart...."
--William Patrick Corgan

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