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Subject I don't understand the obsession with the increasing
Posted by Tanley (ATL) on January 14, 2020 at 10:38 AM
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In Reply To “Selective appreciation” would be an appropriate description posted by Woodnutz on January 13, 2020 at 05:23 PM
Message monetary value of a Z32. As mentioned, many long time owners have invested more than the car is worth at this point in time or broken even. If you stored a Z32 right off of the show room floor, great. You've now made less money than investing that amount of money in the S&P 500 for the last 30 years. If you're a collector, it's a hobby and you enjoy having it in your collection.

If you needed to sell the car off for some quick cash, you're most likely going to lose out as you don't have time to wait for the "right buyer".

Enjoy the car, drive it, take care of it, modify it. Whatever you enjoy doing. You can't predict the future: health problems, financial hardships, family emergencies, etc. Just to name a few potential life hurdles that may come up leading to the sale of the car or no longer being able to enjoy it.

The true value IMO is the driving experience and doing the modifications to improve upon that experience. The Z32 repeatedly comes up in automotive articles as a standout vehicle 30 years after hitting the market. There's still excellent aftermarket support and properly engineered modifications. A still thriving community with the knowledge available for allowing the willing and able to perform at least the work needed to keep the car on the road.

It's an excellent car for the price, if the price goes up, to me the "value" goes down. The only benefit I see from increasing prices is it keeps dreamers out of the market who can afford the initial purchase, but don't have the funds for maintenance and allow the car to fall apart.

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