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Subject Re: Whoa... And I thought I was a blast from the past!
Posted by collegeboy on June 09, 2019 at 3:22 AM
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In Reply To Whoa... And I thought I was a blast from the past! posted by KevinsFairlady on June 08, 2019 at 11:01 PM
Message MixManMash posted a great link, but I can also give a somewhat similar post and update.....

Without going into too much detail, this is what happened.....

As far as cars go, I was going to buy a Challenge Stradale. Very seriously and was ready to buy cash and knew which one it was. After much thinking, advice, and talking to the significant other, I instead bought an older NSX and started a business. It was a very wise decision. Then the NSK went and I went from car to car, even a freaking 1931 Model A haha. Love that thing and may get another, but this time I want a 1929 A instead. Now I have a Jeep Rubicon on 37s that I built 100% myself (thanks to learning so much here and working on the Z) and go offf roading in Hawaii every weekend. I enjoy slow and steady now instead of fast.

Besides that, marriage to the same person I was with when I was a regular on these forums. Some how she has put up with me this long lol! Started multiple businesses and dable in real estate as well on the islands. Have a house in Texas, and house in Kauai, but we spend 90% of out time on Kauai. I always wanted to come back. The place isn't perfect. No place is, but it's home to me, and it's paradise, and I now get to surf almost every morning. Have a massive transferable machine gun collection, and have a NFA firearms business, I collect old pre 1933 gold coins, and am again looking at a Challenge Stradale hahahah....funny how that happens?! I was recently bitching to Allison about how the boat sailed away and they are no longer $100,000 cars. Oh well! I still know I made the right decision.

Anyways, life is good. I do occasionally miss the Z, but I've realized years ago that cars are just cars. Wish I never took it apart for the big build. If I didn't, then I would still have it. Again, I miss it, but oh well. I may get another 300ZX one day, but my taste has changed dramatically. I would only want a bone stock TT and I'd keep it that way. (If only I could go back in time and slap some sense into my old self, but live and learn they say!)

Anyways, so yea....that's the short version. I'm, still around and like to come stalk around in here and rarely post. I'm instantly 18-21 years old again when I'm here and love it. Love seeing the old names on here too. Everyone here is great.

Anyways, keep enjoying the Zs everyone! I sure did! I'll be here stalking! ;)


Please...if you are feeling like buying something from AMS,
please do not do so. The parts that Vuk at AMS sells are ALL
just cheap chinese copied crap parts that were originally
developed by people and friends within this close nit
community. Yes, the parts AMS sells are cheaper, but with
that comes lower quality. By buying parts from AMS, you will
be hurting this community, by causing the real innovators out
there to no longer want to develop parts for ours cars (SPL,
BDE, SZ, etc). This is not an assumption, but is a fact, as it
has already happened with several vendors. AMS does no
R&D on anything...just simply "copy and pastes" parts. AMS is
literally a virus and a scurge in the community, and every part
not bought through them, but bought through someone else
who actually develops parts instead is a great thing!

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