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Subject Followup: Hagerty to Grundy Worldwide Agreed-Value Insurance
Posted by SeedyROM on February 06, 2019 at 1:00 AM
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On the great advice of multiple users here, I ended up talking to Grundy Worldwide (specific division that does the agreed value insurance) and got what appears to be a great quote. I'd known Hagerty was expensive but the gap has just become too huge to stick with them. To give some perspective, here's how things changed:

Hagerty - $652/year for $40k agreed-value policy with PNO (Planned Non Operation, car is down and not on road).

Grundy Worldwide - $158/year for $40k agreed-value policy with same PNO. When car is back on road, it only goes up to $259.

Both policies require certain things like a locked garage, a daily driver that's newer than the Z, no one else driving the car, no racing and the other basics. Mileage is apparently not an issue and despite some being forced to get an appraisal over $25k, they did not seem to care about that for me. Perhaps because I told them Hagerty already insures me for $40k? I'm not sure but they did say that it varies a bit by state and some have other requirements, so keep that in mind when talking to them.

Beyond that, there are other items that I can't be sure about until I have an incident, namely how well they handle payouts and such but for being 1/4 the cost, it'd take some pretty serious flaws in Grundy to pass that up. The only oddity so far is that the paperwork/policy seems to be handed off to a separate company called Philadelphia Insurance Companies. Some research into them confirms this is normal and their site actually gives some finer detail in the requirements/limitations. This might go to a different company depending on your request/state but that's what they gave me.

Anyway, figured I'd post it here in case anyone else was considering such a policy. I have yet to lock it in but plan to do so in the next few days. Best of luck out there gang and keep the shiny side up!

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