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Subject Idler stud question... opinions?
Posted by Woodnutz78 on January 03, 2019 at 7:37 AM
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Message I've seen the review of OEM v. ARP studs and the ARPs have an appeal with the higher tensile strength, and the "more foolproof" installation comment. Here's my questions:

1. What specifically makes the ARP stud install more foolproof than the OEM studs? I see the threaded length difference, but what does that translate to exactly?

2. Any thoughts on OEM v. ARP?

3. Regarding torque, it appears the preferred method is to apply blue Loctite and snug the studs, then torque the nuts to spec with red Loctite - providing this is done in one step, such that the blue Loctite does not set up prior to torquing the nuts. What do you typically do, as I don't see a torque spec for the studs themselves?

Just trying to prepare for the 120k service I need to do here shortly. Greatly appreciate any advice from those who have done this or do it regularly.

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