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Posted by vorpalZ on January 10, 2018 at 9:56 AM
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In Reply To Rebuttal please? posted by Nathan_O on January 09, 2018 at 05:45 PM
Message As the owner of a fairly well sorted and tracked Z32, I can honestly say they are far more competitive than most 30 year old sports cars and can give modern cars a run:

Vipers, Vettes and GTRs oh my


- My brother's stock suspension twin turbo 350Z is faster and easier to corner with than my Z32... as driven by myself and Mixman back to back on the same track. Not having an iron block out front makes a huge difference on turn-in and 30 years of suspension tech development is noticeable in a stock 350Z setup vs my modified Z32.

Could my track Z32 be improved past what I've done (add coilovers, lose unsprung weight, change suspension geometry further, lose my beer gut?) Sure! But I've made large performance improvements with my existing parts and alignment/ suspension settings... making more will be expensive and time consuming. With my mods, it's now not fun to drive on the highway, whereas my brother's stock 350Z suspension is just fine.

- Local club member's modified 2012 GTR destroys us on the road course... he's 3-4 seconds ahead of us per lap... and he was quick before the mods.

- I've passed supercharged C7 vettes and pointed by an insanely fast crazy guy three wheeling it in a Mazda 3... it's the driver, not the car.

- The Z32 is still the best looking of the bunch, as I have strangers come up during trackdays and talking about how much they love the look of the Z. Strictly speaking, stock for stock... the newer Zs are faster around the roadcourse (and in boosted form, can be incredible) but the Z32 still owns the look, inside and out, and is my favorite.

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