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Subject Below is a locked thread about ECU's, I can add more info...
Posted by Greg D. (Specialty-Z) on October 12, 2017 at 12:53 PM
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Message The question was "can you run a ECU that was tuned for a different trans"?
Some answered you can run an Auto in a stick, but not a stick in an auto.
That is true about the actual hardware, but not the software....
The Auto ECU has additional hardware and it is not a problem running the actual Auto ECU hardware in stick car.
The Auto really needs the additional hardware to work correctly, so you should not run an ECU that was not made for the auto that does not have the additional hardware.
The actual chip programs need to be correct for the trans you use, the reason is because the loads are different with the different transmissions, so the timing and fuel programing is not the same.
One of the items that is an obvious difference in the programs of stick vs auto is that with an auto program, the ignition timing jumps from 15 degrees to 25 degrees as soon as you put the auto into gear, this allows the idle RPM to be stable and keeps the RPM from dropping when you put the auto trans in gear.
If you have an auto program and use it in a stick, the idle will increase significantly when you put the car in gear.
If you use a stick program in an auto,you will find the RPM drops significantly when the car is put into gear.

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