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Posted by LJZTT on May 19, 2017 at 1:38 PM
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In Reply To Re: pretty sure LIST prices have been up there for many years posted by JerseyTex on May 19, 2017 at 08:46 AM
Message A: NOBODY in the market for a 300ZX turbo gives a shit about "matching numbers"...nobody, period dot. That is an antiquated aspect of the car world much like the phrase "tune up" doesn't apply either as nothing is being "tuned" anymore since the death of carburetion. It may still apply to classic cars pre 1980, but not to modern cars, perhaps exotics, but I doubt doubt people still cite it, but no one knows why they just imitate...hell, 99% of dealerships still advertise that their cars have power windows/locks/steering and A/C...I'm surprised they don't advertise that the cars run on unleaded fuel.

B: $30k for a S30 chassis FULLY RESTORED doesn't in anyway make a case for the Z32 TT in becoming a collector car that "should" appreciate in doesn't work that way.....firstly, take the price of an S30 new in 1970-whatever and then convert to 2017 $$...I would be surprised if $30k is much appreciation at reality you are paying for the restoration work....which could easily be far more than $30k and therefore sale price is ACTUALLY driven by the supply/demand for restored S30's......for example, a resto-mod S30 with some sort of engine swap to a modern motor and an updated interior along with a completely modern suspension was for sale for something like 80-90k, maybe was lime green and I believe the owner wasnt a "Z guy" necessarily. I dont know what it sold for, but there you go, no matching anything, not even original paint and we're talking about $ figures multiple times greater than your example...So your presumptions are a little unsound.

The reality people need to learn to accept is that the Z32TT is NOT a collectors car (meaning its price "should" appreciate), if it was, the prices would reflect it, and they don't, so it isn''s that some point ppl have to see reality how it is and stop trying to ascribe how they think it should be......likely the Z32TT will not be a collector car for a very long time, if you aren't in your 20's or younger, then get the idea out of your head because you will be dead or way too old to care when the day does come unless there is a dramatic and unnatural change in the car market.

Is the Supra a collector's car? I don't know, a case can be made either way. IMHO this label is irrelevant because ultimately it is STILL all about supply and demand, even in the "collector car" market.

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