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Subject Re: Newer tech out there
Posted by Buckaroo Banzai on April 14, 2017 at 7:59 AM
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In Reply To Newer tech out there posted by gt300zxtt(SoMD) on April 14, 2017 at 05:58 AM
Message Thank you for the input. I probably should have included more about my goals in the original post. I am not looking for more than 450 ish wheel horsepower and preferably on a bit of a budget. I know it is easier and safer with larger turbos but I love the fat torque curve I have seen from the stockers with breather mods but I also wonder if buying that pair of brand new gt2560r is worth premium for the safety of the tune required to get to that power level. I am not running race gas and as I mentioned e85 is a pain to get around here so I don't think the GTX series is worth the premium since I seem to remember Greg saying they really didn't outperform their predecessors until they were into boost levels that necessitate race gas. Especially since for the price of those turbos you linked to I could buy the s15 gt2560r's I mentioned, the expansion downpipes, and a Haltech setup. Just too rich for my goals. The same goes for the Rob Z throttle bodies. I already have all the parts to convert a spare plenum to the stanza units and the 600 dollar difference could almost get two new chras for my stockers.

Long story short I am hoping for input about if the increase in top end and safety of the tune makes any of the larger turbos worth the premium over stock turbos with full breathers. On paper it just seems that unless you are chasing big numbers with sp700 or larger turbos the smaller ball bearing units like the sp530 and such just aren't that much better than stock with all the breather mods, but that is why I was asking since on paper and the real world can be quite different. Thank you for the reply though.

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