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Subject pretty straightforward
Posted by vorpalZ on April 21, 2011 at 10:33 AM
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In Reply To I honestly haven't looked into oil analysis before but it posted by Ash's Z on April 20, 2011 at 08:59 PM
Message You need to build a baseline and a series of samples with a fairly consistent history to see if a change like PCV delete makes a change in your sample results. One sample won't tell you much.

In addition to the particulate count and element level analysis, there are the viscousity tests and VI rating based against a new reference sample for a given oil product. Also, % of fuel and glycol in the sample are measured in a basic tests.

my sample history: oil analysis reports

What I can say is that the last three tests were done on the engine with the PCV system re-routed from the top of the valve covers, the first three was with a stock PCV system. Fuel is present in all samples, fairly high level (4.9%) in sample #2, and consistent around 1.75 - 2% in the last three samples. If I deleted the PCV system entirely, then I would be checking against these samples to see what the VI of the used oil and fuel % were to determine detrimental effects on the motor.

You can have further tests done as well, depending on what you're looking for.


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My Zs are hybrid vehicles, they run on gasoline and money

I'm off to wax mine and go for a drive now.
- BigTDogg (MA) 07:17:08 07/17/09

times change, people change, but the Z32 still kicks ass.
- apudapus 16:46:02 06/15/07

I was more wondering how you set your climate control to 22*
lol, it would be that fastest freezer on wheels!

- Briscoe'sZ32 (NJ) 23:15:44 02/05/07

You have *got* to be getting a cut from B&B :D
- SeedyROM 15:24:29 08/16/06
What do you think B&B stands for?
- YugoBernie (NoVA) 15:57:09 08/16/06

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