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Subject SELLING: Polar Engineering NISSAN Z32 300ZX Twin Turbo Kit
Posted by Polar_Engineering on October 26, 2023 at 4:30 AM
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This is the first official production run for Polar Engineering Z32 twin turbo exhaust manifolds.

I am only planning to produce ~25-30 sets in this batch to manage my workload.

Please read all information carefully before submitting your order.

I will begin production starting October 9th, 2023. Production takes about 8-10 weeks for making cores, casting and heat treating, as well as 4-5 weeks to CNC machine the castings. Realistic delivery of this batch of manifolds will be mid-January 2024 (+/- a couple of weeks to account for holiday season).

If your car is currently at a shop, sitting on a lift and waiting for manifolds, it is probably not the best idea to place an order and plan the rest of your build around these manifolds. Please plan your build ahead and understand that delivery will happen early next year.

While I am giving an option to pre-order downpipes and heater pipes, you DO NOT have to order them now. Early ordering lets me plan ahead with production better and have everything streamlined. It will be possible to order those later as we approach finishing stages of manifold production. At the same time, pre-ordering downpipes places your order higher up on the list which means that your downpipes will be delivered sooner. The choice is totally up to you.

Towards the end of October, a 3-inch dual intake setup will also be available for ordering. It will be a separate product that will work with this turbo kit, as well as previously available versions.

Manifolds will come ceramic coated black in their default configuration. If you are looking for a different color, please contact me after placing an order. I should be able to arrange most colors for you.

I am limited on space in this section, so product description will be significantly shortened. Full product description and information about development is available in a separate BLOG posts. You can find the BLOG by following a link at the top of any page on this website. Additionally, detailed posts are available on my Instagram and Facebook pages.

Short summary about this project:

After seeing an array of new generation of turbochargers released on the market in the last three years, it was evident that VG30DETT would benefit immensely from all these new releases and is naturally the next step in the Z32 platform development.

Let’s briefly talk about these manifolds:

-Manifolds are CAD designed from scratch every step of the way. That allowed me to work around physical dimensions of cylinder head casting and develop free-flowing runners that taper out gradually from each runner inlet all the way towards manifold 3” v-band outlet flange. That greatly helps with exhaust gas reversion and is not possible to do with tubular manifolds. Turbocharger placement also clears factory oil filter trees.

-I was also able to place the wastegate flange in the most favorable location given other physical constraints that I ran into. This kit was designed around Turbosmart 45mm GenV LITE wastegates, but enough room was allocated to run regular, taller Turbosmart 45mm wastegates as well as Tial MV-R and newest Garrett 45mm counterparts.

-Almost perfectly symmetrical manifolds promote even flow through both VG30DETT cylinder heads and individual ports, allow mounting reverse-rotated turbocharger on USDM driver side and eliminating sharp 90-degree elbow off USDM driver side compressor housing. Cylinder #5 and #6 ports will no longer experience flow restrictions that are inherent to previous manifold designs.

-Turbo position clears all parts of factory cylinder head castings with no need of grinding. Compressor inlet piping has been upgraded to 3” diameter and clears low profile engine mounts with no modifications. Inlet piping also clears all factory amenities like power steering pump and AC compressor.

-Physical features: 6mm walls, 12mm flanges, 347 stainless steel casting. Thicker walls were made for superior strength and to allocate extra material in case these manifolds would need to be port matched to custom port sizes on cylinder heads. I would be able to extrude hone these in increments of 0.030” all around. There is plenty of strength and material for all foreseeable performance needs. Main face flange is machined in a single operation as well CNC drilling 6 mounting holes per manifold. Then, the manifold is moved on to a 4-axis mill to have two v-band flanges machined into the casting. You read it right, the flanges are machined directly into castings which eliminates any chance of warping and cracking that happens with weld-on flanges.


-One set of two exhaust manifolds (left and right side).

-Brand new hardware for installation (studs/nuts), including shortened studs for rear mounting holes.

-Optional downpipes and heater pipes are available as add-ons.


- USD1400.00 plus shipping.


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