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Subject SELLING: NISSAN Z32 300ZX 2+2 Fuel Pump Hanger (LIMITED RUN)
Posted by Polar_Engineering on September 06, 2023 at 1:30 PM
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***Due to a number of requests over the last few months, I am doing a small production run on Z32 300ZX 2+2 fuel pump hangers. There are only 10-15 setups that will be available and I do not plan to get back to this project until next Spring at the earliest. ***


The first thing that became evident to me when I started this project is that everyone’s setup will be different and unique. It would not make sense to produce just one type of fuel pump hanger because it might be overkill for some and fall short for others. By making this hanger modular, we are able to have a drop-solution for purists who simply want to run one aftermarket fuel pump to power their lightly modified Z as well as letting highest-powered Z cars run up to three fuel pumps. In this first batch you will have an option to order your hanger with a single or dual Walbro 485 or 525 pumps. If you want to run other pumps or a custom combination, please message me and I will make it happen.

Top hat design allows you to choose the type of fitting you want to run. For lightly modified vehicles, we can run smaller barbed fittings that connect directly to factory fuel supply and return lines. If you decide to upgrade down the line, the top hat can accept up to an 8AN ORB fitting on supply and return ports. That is a LOT of fuel!

An electrical 90-degree bulkhead connector will supply the necessary power to fuel pumps and sensors while keeping a low outside profile. The connector is retained with a snap ring which allows connector orientation simply by rotating it. A connector is sealed against the top hat with an o-ring which provides an easy and reliable seal. We are using a 6-wire bulkhead fitting with 4 heavy gauge wires to power and ground fuel pumps and 2 wires for sensor output.

Yes, you read that correctly, Polar Engineering fuel pump hanger comes with a new fuel level sensor and low fuel light thermistor. Both sensors have the same specs as factory units and will operate gauges in your cluster. I've had these sensors operate with Haltech IC-7 digital dash and expect it to work with all others as well.

This fuel pump hanger is designed to work only with dual late model fuel pumps that have an internal check valve, or any single pump. That will prevent any fuel backflow into your secondary pump while the main pump is operating.

This hanger is built and all its parts are chosen specifically to be safe to use with regular gas and E85. All hoses and o-rings are submersible. All aluminum parts are Type II anodized to prevent oxidation.


-Fuel hanger top hat is CNC machined from 6061 aluminum

-Hanger uprights and clamps are CNC waterjet from 5052 aluminum sheet

-All aluminum components will be Type II anodized. You will have a choice of two colors for top hat/uprights/clamps: black or red. Please note that all fittings and valves will be black.

-Electrical bulkhead connector features 4 heavy gauge wires to power fuel pumps and 2 wires for sensor signal. Fuel hanger will come with brand new fuel level sensor and low fuel light thermistor.

-Supply and return ports are machined for 8AN ORB threads. Hanger will come with barbed fittings by default, but can also be ordered with 6AN or 8AN fittings at no additional cost.

-All stainless steel hardware and corrosion resistant clamps. All in-tank hoses are submersible and E85 compatible.

-Fuel hanger will come with stainless caged fuel pump strainers for pumps of your choice. Strainers are rated at 100 microns filtering. If you are interested, Holley HydraMat can be installed as an option at extra cost.

-Fuel hanger will come with an OEM Z32 style connector to plug into your factory harness and making fuel level sensor and low fuel light operation plug-and-play. You will need to ground your hanger and run power wires of your choice.

-Polar Engineering logo will be laser etched on top hat.

-Fuel hanger will come with detailed installation instructions and schematics as well as personal support from myself.

-Pumps are not included with this hanger. Feel free to send them in for me to install and wire in, or I can source fuel pumps for you at extra cost. If you will need to purchase pumps, please select the corresponding option and I will be in touch.
-These hangers are designed in the U.S.A. and I hand assemble these in California.



These 2+2 hangers will be priced at USD 580.00. I am happy to ship worldwide at buyer's cost which should be around USD 70-85 per assembly for any combination of options that you choose. This is a full assembly and would fix the fuel supply issues a factory Z32 fuel system has. I feel like this is a reasonable price given the fact that there have not been any cut corners with this project. I design these things out of passion in my spare time. I am not planning to retire after I sell a hanger. If you are at a point where you think you need this setup, you probably looked around and can appreciate that you are getting more features than anything else on the market (even for other platforms) at a lower rate. All hangers will come pre-assembled, pre-wired, with fuel pumps of your choice installed (pumps not included). You have an option to purcase fuel pumps from me, or send your pumps for me to wire in and install. I am looking to offer this as a drop in solution that will take no more than 1 hour to install (with factory fuel lines).

Again, this is first part of Z32 fuel system overhaul and more stuff will be coming out to reliably supply your Z with all the fuel it needs.


Please ask me any questions you may have FIRST, before you commit.


Best way to order is directly through the website. It lets me keep things organized and easy to process shipping. If you have questions, please message or comment and I will clarify anything I might have missed.

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