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Subject SELLING: NISSAN Z32 300ZX Mounting Adapter for BOSCH IAT/MAP Sensor
Posted by Polar_Engineering on August 30, 2023 at 6:11 PM
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Message ***The easiest solution for those who want to convert to standalone engine management system and bring their car's electronic components up to 21st century standards.***


Nissan Z32 300ZX owners who switched from factory mass airflow sensor and upgraded to an aftermarket engine management, naturally need to install an intake air temperature sensor (IAT) and a manifold pressure sensor (MAP). IAT is usually installed on top of plenum and sticks out like a sore thumb with a connector pointing up. An adequate manifold pressure sensor (3+ BAR) is expensive, bulky and still needs to connect to a vacuum source with a hose. What if I told you that there is a better way?

Bosch is and OEM supplier for a series of IAT and MAP sensors that are used in Europe. Some of these sensors are just air temp, others are just air pressure and there is one that combines both those functions into one sensor! A single sensor will measure your intake air temperature and manifold pressure up to 3.5 BAR (~37psi boost).

The sensor is slim and only uses one 4-wire connector for: ground, 5V, temp. output, press. output. This sensor is very popular with Motec standalones. I acquired calibration tables for it and confirmed that it works with Haltech and AEM. I am sure any other reputable ECU will recognize it with proper calibration file.

A small billet aluminum adapter plate installs in place of your EGR flange on driver (USDM) side. Adapter seals to the manifold with an o-ring and gets secured with two countersunk bolts. Bosch sensor inserts into an adapter, makes an airtight o-ringed seal and is held in place by a single bolt. This makes for a very clean installation especially for those who strive to keep their engine bays as close to a factory look as possible, and also those with wire tucked show cars.

If you only need the IAT function there is a sensor for that which will also bolt right up. If you only need manifold pressure, there is a sensor for that as well. The dual function BOSCH sensor is optional and can be bundled up with your billet adapter kit.

What is included in a basic adapter kit:

CAD designed, billet aluminum 6061 adapter plate that is Type II anodized black
Mounting hardware (stainless steel with hex drive)
O-ring to help properly seal adapter plate against factory Z32 plenum
Electrical connector for BOSCH sensor (4-wire connector with terminals and insulators)



Pigtail connector with four, color-coded 12” leads
Genuine BOSCH dual function IAT/MAP 3.5BAR sensor (ships within 7 days since these are only available in Europe and I usually stock a few at a time)


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