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Posted by LitlElvis on November 17, 2017 at 6:44 PM
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Message If you're planning to boost beyond 35 PSI, then here you go. ARP Custom Age 625+ VG30DE(TT) head studs with large diameter (0.995") hard washers and large flange diameter (0.925")
12 point nuts - price is $750.00 per set + shipping.

I had a custom run of 5 sets made to get the price somewhat reasonable and am keeping 2 sets for myself. I'm selling the remaining 3 sets and I doubt I will have any made again.

The studs were manufactured by ARP to the same dimensions as their current VG30DE(TT) ARP2000 head studs. However, the nuts and washers I'm including are much larger that what ARP includes in their kit
to spread the increased loads and prevent damage to the aluminum head's bolt bosses.

Custom Age 625+ is a stainless steel super-alloy with UTS of 260 to 280ksi and YTS of 235 to 255ksi. Because it is a stainless steel, it will not rust nor does it have any corrosion related issues like L19 has.

These studs can be torqued as high as 145 ft-lbs (using ARP moly lube) for 22500 lbs preload. As a comparison, head studs made from L19 or ARP2000 have a maximum torque of 125 ft-lbs and 19425 lbs preload.

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