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Subject SELLING: << AshSPEC ECU SALE - Guaranteed 24-hour turnaround! >>
Posted by Ash's Z on April 30, 2008 at 12:56 PM
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Message Effective Dates: April 29th - May 29th, 2008.

We are offering our ECU upgrades over the course of the next month at a discounted price and with 24-hour turnaround, 100% money-back guarantee on both your satisfaction of the product and the stated 24-hour turnaround. If we cannot turn your ECU around within 24 hours, we will refund 100% of your purchase price and send the ECU back to you, fully upgraded and warranteed, and with guarantee of future reprogramming needs at our standard rate of $50.

Additionally, we are offering our two-program switch with these upgrades at a discounted rate as well.

The Ash-SPEC ECU upgrade has become well known in the Z32 community for offering reliable power with factory drivability while maintaining factory safety features. Safely increase your Z's power and torque output with increased boost levels and a properly configured program for your car's modifications.

Upgrading of the ECU consists of removal of the OEM EPROM chip containing the ECUs program, installation of an EPROM socket for ease of chip replacement, and installation and testing of a new Ash-SPEC EPROM. 16-bit ECU upgrades (shown above) require a custom daughterboard to contain the new performance program.

Upgrades are available for both NA and TT models, 5speed or automatic, and vehicles will pass even the most stringent California emissions tests - guaranteed!

The Engine Control Unit (ECU) is a a small computer which monitors all engine sensors and controls all engine functions for fuel delivery, ignition timing, rev limiter, speed limiter, valve timing control and emissions control systems. This computer operates based on a set of values of which Nissan generated in their R&D process of the powerplant, however, they left a lot to be desired by the enthusiast. A new program catered to your vehicle's modifications is generated and installed. Programming which allows for safe running of higher boost levels while maintaining "safety mode" configurations allow you to improve performance in a reliable fashion.

The Ash-SPEC ECU upgrades were developed using the ZEMulator to finely tune operating engine parameters in both street and dyno conditions using a wideband O2 sensor setup. The utmost care has been taken in the development of these programs to ensure that the program you receive has been extensively tested to ensure performance, reliability, and safety.

Due to variations in fuel quality throughout the country, we have constructed a set of programs specifically tailored for use with fuels lower than 93-octane, minimum of 91 octane, as some areas do not have 93 octane at the pump. These programs are called the "C-CLASS" programs. If you have 93 octane fuel available to you, the "A-CLASS" programming will be your optimal choice of program type as it will take advantage of the greater detonation resistance of this higher quality fuel. With the C-CLASS programming you can run higher octane fuel without any issues - it is just designed to allow safe engine operation with the lower octane fuels.

Units recieve thorough testing both before and after the upgrade process to ensure you wont have a problem and 8-bit upgrades are performed/tested/shipped with same day turnaround. Boost jets are included free of charge upon request and future program updates are available for $50 on an overnight service. 16-bit ECU upgrades are performed/tested/shipped on a 3-day turnaround.

Programs are available for all common injector sizes (370cc, 555cc, 615cc, 650cc, 720cc, 740cc, 850cc) and custom programs are available which will allow the use of uncommon injector sizes at no additional charge.

We now offer programming for Deatschwerks injectors as well!


Ordering Information:

Please select the appropriate upgrade for your year model below. Please provide your vehicle modifications and fuel octane you use in the paypal note window within the payment screen to follow. If you are purchasing the upgrade with the 2-program switch, please state whether you would like a racefuel program or a valet/security program as your second program selection.

For twinturbo owners, please indicate whether you need boost jets or not - we provide these free of charge to those who do not have a boost controller.

If you do not have a paypal account, you can use a credit or debit card to make your purchase through the following links - click on the link in the bottom-left of the paypal page to proceed.

8-bit ECU Upgrades (1990-1992 Non-Turbo, 1990-1994 Twinturbo): $200 w/free Express Shipping: Order Now

8-bit ECU Upgrades w/2-program switch: $250 w/free Express Shipping: Order Now

16-bit ECU Upgrades (1993-1995 Non-Turbo, 1995 TwinTurbo): $250 w/free Express Shipping: Order Now

16-bit ECU Upgrades w/2-program switch: $300 w/free Express Shipping: Order Now

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